Curiosity Killed the Cat

Christmas time is gone, and gift giving has subsided for now–so I can’t really tell you why I was perusing the MIL gifts on Pinterest, but I was. Curiosity killed the cat, I suppose. At any rate, as I was scrolling I noticed the majority of the gift ideas were wine related, food baskets, or […]

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Guest Column: Abandoned

As we geared up for Christmas this year, I invited my MIL out for a little extra bonding. Olive branch, ladies. She came in early and we decided it would be nice to drive into the city and get our nails done. She needed a filling and, well, I just needed to stop chewing on […]

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10 Insults, 1 Compliment

My mother-in-law is the queen of backhanded insults. She has perfected the art of stealthily inserting jabs into everyday conversation. So much so that I have a hard time deciding if I’m actually hearing or experiencing these cheap shots or if I’m slowly going insane and imagining it all. Instead of wracking my brain to […]

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A Mother-in-Law New Year

With a new year upon us, it’s only fair to look at ways to improve ourselves and the 365 days that lay ahead. Isn’t it? Or maybe we should just gently suggest ways to improve our relationships with our mother in laws. Here are some canned responses for common MIL quips to help you in […]

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What box?

It had been about 4 months after the MIL had moved on from her ex husband and had been living in her own home. She was lonely, house poor, and lawyer poor. Already, she had gotten herself into a significant amount of debt and still owed her divorce attorney quite a hefty sum of money. […]

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We aren’t friends

If you’ve ever been through a divorce, it’s devastating. The thought that you’ve invested and committed yourself to a relationship and a person, only to have that ripped away and replaced with nothing–that’s just the surface. With that being said, my MIL was going through a horrid divorce just as my husband and I were […]

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Cleaning Lady

My mother-in-law is a very particular woman. After over 35 years of being a stay at home mother and wife, she had perfected the art of ‘keeping house’.  While I love a clean house, I’m lucky if I get out the door to work with matching socks and my computer. With the little time my […]

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Inappropriate Calling

I’m not sure how everyone else handles their relationship with their mothers, but I don’t talk to my mother twice a day…While I’m still my mother’s baby, she doesn’t feel the need to call me twice a day to tell me what I should be doing or how to act. My husband tries not to, […]

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Not Mommy’s Little Angel…

How is it that regardless of circumstance or corroborating evidence, your hubby is always lily white? That perpetual halo hovering over his head is never tarnished in his momma’s eyes, and if there is a slight skew it is most assuredly due to you leading him astray. Never mind the time he was doing donuts […]

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What’s in a Name?

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m not a traditional girl. I don’t push back on all traditions, just a few that I find silly and personally hate. One of them being, something that I felt would cause me to lose my identity. If I dropped the name I’ve had my entire life in favor […]

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Just Family, Please.

Marrying my first husband was a lot like a rushed shotgun wedding you see in Hollywood. Gather the family quickly, get some cake, maybe a nice dress, and find a pastor willing-enough to marry you. That was most certainly the case with us. We had about a month to get the affairs in order and […]

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